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Breast Enhancement Serum

Breast Enhancement Serum

Easy to apply and non-greasy, this serum is quickly absorbed with no need to wait before getting dressed. Breasts become fuller and smoother right from the first application. Breast volume visibly increased after just 6 weeks.

(Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.)
  • Details

    Physiological light fluid liquid crystal emulsion with a fresh fragrance. Easy to apply and massage in. Guarantees intense firming and toning action without affecting the mammary gland. Immediate tensioning: breasts gain instant tone and firmness thanks to the active principles with proven firming properties, such as specific amino acids (glycine, lysine and proline), Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica and unsaponifiable substances found in Olive, Wheat and Soya. Black Raspberry Oil and Shea Butter guarantee excellent moisturizing and nourishing. Results in immediate tensioning and firming of breasts right from the first application: breasts are higher and firmer, the décolleté visibly more compact and toned.
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