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"I've been going to Tali on a consistent basis for about a year now and my skin has never been better!  As I get older, I realize the importance of proper skin care and how much I would rather maintain what I have then change or enhance with fillers or Botox.  Tali, with her infinite wisdom and knowledge about treatments and products, has opened my eyes to all the non-invasive possibilities for beautiful, youthful skin!!!  After one treatment with her, you will never be able to go anywhere else!  She's a true artist and works your skin with her magical touch.  Her facial massage is the best!"

Michele Cutler


Kate McKnight

"Tali is truly exceptional. She has completely revitalized my skin. It is noticeably brighter, firmer, more supple and youthful. I am constantly being asked what I am doing with my skin.  Tali takes the time she needs to give you an individualized custom facial.  The experience is so relaxing and the results are amazing. Tali is the best!"

Judy Margolis

"I first scheduled a monthly facial to pamper myself, and because I found the treatments to be tranquil and soothing. Because I have stuck with the regimen I now find they have done much more - they really have made a difference in the texture of my skin. Recently I have been getting unsolicited comments about how beautiful my skin is, something that never happened before. 

Thank you, Tali. Without your ministrations and the instructions regarding recommended products to use with my daily washing regimen none of this would have been possible. I love my monthly facials! They are not only wonderfully relaxing, I always feel remade and renewed when the procedure is over. Thank you Tali for all you have done to make my skin beautiful."

 I have known Tali for three years and highly recommend the various services she offers.  She has 20 plus years dedicated to the skin care industry and is extremely knowledgeable.  She is well versed on the latest treatments and technologies to decrease the evidence of aging! As well, her approach and style to personal wellness is so appreciated by her customer base. My absolute favorite is her facial!  This is far from an ordinary facial! The atmosphere is beyond relaxing and removes one’s daily stress level upon crossing through the doorway to her spa. Once Tali begins her treatments with her spectacular products you just melt into a state of bliss! I have enjoyed many similar treatments elsewhere; however, none as effective,  relaxing, and nurturing as Tali’s.


Additionally, Tali’s on-site massage therapist Renee Radson is phenomenal! It has been my pleasure to know Renee since the early 90’s . I have had many massages and Renee’s is the best without a doubt!

Lisa Peterson

I love Dew Essence! Tali is so good at creating the best energy while healing our stressed out skin and spirit. I recommend a session with Tali and her healers as it is a must in anyone's life, especially mine. Thank you Dew Essence for keeping me beautiful inside and out!

Deborah Carr
Susan M.

Phenominal!! Tali has expert hands and advanced knowledge about skincare.  She clearly explains services and features, often customizing treatment for your specific needs. Was so relaxing and her products are aromatic and rich. She explained every step of my treatment as well as explained products and benefits, Plan to allot an afternoon as you will not want to get up from her treatment table!!

 This is the best gift that you can give to yourself or someone you care about. Tali combines her own natural aromatherapy oils along with perfected technique to make you feel amazing. You walk in feeling the stress from a busy day and leave looking and feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced. My skin has really improved since going to Dew Essence. It feels and looks glowy and healthy. Love it!

Trisha Artman


Diana Kramer

"My skin has never been this clear and flawless, thanks to Tali Naim your facials are miracles and you products too. I can't wait for my spa day with u coming up."

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