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A dermo cosmetic line specifically formulated for moisturizing the epidermis.Delicate emulsions with liquid crystals to guarantee quick absorption and effective moisturizing by restoring the natural physiological skin barrier. Complex sugars bind with keratinocites and water to guarantee surface moisture, skin type oils and ceramides thus reducing TEWL (transepidermal water loss).
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    Emulsions for the face and body restore the correct moisture levels and so prevent premature aging of the skin and help lessen irritation and the other unpleasant effects of dry skin, such as: tingling, itching, redness and rashes. Today's lifestyle - air conditioning, heating, pollution, frequent washing with aggressive products - is at the root of skin dehydration and thus this is a very common problem. Hydracare is the perfect line for every moment of the day to prevent premature aging of the skin.
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